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Health, Safety & Environment

Workers Health and Work Security

DAÇA GROUP is a construction firm operating in Turkey, Russia and Ukrain, and rapidly growing in its sector. Our firm is proud of taking into primary consideration workers’ health and work security in all its operations.

DAÇA GROUP management board believes all accidents are preventable and is aware that this target can be reached by continuous renovation and zero accident policies. All our workers are expected to obey workers’ health and work security rules, and to protect the environment, as well as the properties, while working. This expectation is valid also for all the partners of the enterprise, all the managerial staff, all the subcontractors and procurement partners, as well as DAÇA GROUP workers in all the ongoing projects.

DAÇA GROUP’s policy is to provide a secure environment for its own staff, for subcontractors and visitors, by taking measures and preventing the possible dangers.

DAÇA GROUP and all its staff pledge to obey all the legal obligations and ethical rules about environment, work security and workers’ health of the country in which they operate.

Workers’ health and work security is of primary consideration in all the steps of the projects such as construction and building activities, demobilization, starting till the engineering process.
In order to apply this policy, a concrete, overall and efficient project is prepared by the managerial teams of DAÇA GROUP.

This target is based on the existence of
• Well educated, motivated and well focused for zero accident target,
• Inevitably taking the time of fulfilling all the duties safely and secure,
• Fulfilling the need for protecting and improving the environment
• Sensitive to all kind of danger, conscious, responsible, and preventful
workforce and management.

All the workers are responsible for taking the necessary measures according to their authority in order to apply the Workers’ Security and Health Programme. This responsibility includes removing all the danger, reporting all the possible danger to upper authority, and to join and support actively all the work security measures.

Environment Policy
DAÇA GROUP pledges to determine, to prevent and to minimalize the environmental effects of construction activities by using the present and valid information in all of the countries of operation.
Starting from business development stage, and continuing with price offer, engineering activities, mobilization, construction and demobilization, all activities are fulfilled by considering environmental effects.

DAÇA GROUP management provides all the resources to set up and apply the Environment Management System, offers responsibilities and authorities to its workers, and improves the consciousness for the environment.

DAÇA GROUP targets to improve the consciousness of its workers for the environment and to inform them about the efficient usage of the environmental and natural resources. The environmental management philosophy to reach this target, is to provide consistently improving, protecting and correcting activities as a culture of natural behavior for all the workers.
With this aim, DAÇA GROUP:
• Obeys the environmental laws and regulations and to other necessities of protecting the environment in the country of operation,
• Efficiently uses the natural resources,
• Controls the garbage by Efficient Management System of Garbage and reduces its effects to environment
• Reduces the emergency risks
• Increases the consciousness of its workers for the environment